Monday, 2 January 2017

Page refresh button in Oracle APEX 4.2 using JS


To refresh oracle APEX application page using JavaScript.


If you want to create a page refresh button inside your APEX page you need to add the following things

Step 1: Upload a button picture

Ø  Shared Components => Images => Create => Upload

Step 2: Create a new navigation bar

Ø  Shared Components => Navigation Bar Entries => Create

Ø  Image – let it empty
Ø  Icon Subtext - <img src="#APP_IMAGES#page_refresh.png" title="Refresh">
Ø  Icon Image Alt : “Refresh”
Ø  Image Height : 40
Ø  Image Width: 30
Ø  Target Type : URL
Ø  URL Target : javascript:window.location.reload(false);

Note : It will just refresh the page not reload it.

Karkuvelraja T

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