Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Billing Process in Brazil

The billing process in Brazil has the following steps as there are localizations and also the government involved in approving the sequence numbers for the AR transactions.

     1.       The Pre-invoice or the RPS has to be sent to the District, Government – City Hall from Oracle usually through a third party system that fulfills the Brazilian government rules.
           2.       Once approved, the city hall returns the electronic invoice back to Oracle with confirmation and approval.

           3.       If the government does not approve, or changes the sequence numbers, then the RPS is sent back to Oracle without approval.

           4.       These changes have to be updated in Oracle AR also.

           5.       The billing process also involves integration with compliance software to satisfy the government compliance and also for tax calculations.

           6.       The Oracle standard feature of Latin Tax Engine is also available for tax calculations when invoice is created in Oracle.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Employee Creation in Oracle

Employee creation in Oracle involves the following steps and APIs

1.      Create Person


2.       Create Phone

       Hr_phone_api. create_or_update_phone

3.       Rehire process


4.       Termination of employee


5.       Create Assignments


6.       Create Job