Monday, 2 January 2017

Data template in Oracle BI Publisher 10g


To generate reports from OBIP using data template SQL queries.


Customer has given a requirement to develop the report in OBIP. While developing it, developer came to know two dataset of SQL queries required to complete the report. Developer has to develop the report with single dataset of SQL query, Instead of using two dataset of SQL queries.


To develop OBIP report using Data template SQL Queries.

Step 1: Create OBIP report

Step 2:  Create data template SQL Queries and place it into data model in OBIP.

Step 3: Data Template SQL Query.

Step 4: XML data generation.

Step 5: Excel Template.

Note: By this method, we can call package or procedure inside the dataset.  It will reduce no. of dataset use in it.

Karkuvelraja T

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