Monday, 16 October 2017

JDeveloper Installation and Setting Environment


Desktop with 1.5 GB RAM 

1.Telnet and FTP access to apps and db server 
2.Database connectivity details:
3.Apps username and password,
5.Host Name and port. 
6.Exact version of OA Framework on server

Get the JDeveloper software ( Ex:ZIP File  : )

Copy  into required drive ( folder ) / ( C:\)
Eg: C:\ JDEV  ( create JDEV ( name can be any one ) folder in C-drive

Extract the ZIP file name )
Right click à WinZip à Extract To Here
After extracting it generates following
JDEV---- ( user created folder )
|____ jdevbin  
|____ Jdevdoc
|____   jdevhome

Take the shortcut of  C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdev\bin\ jdevW.exe     to desktop

Copy the  TEST.dbc file form Oracle Apps Server to JDeveloper
Source Oracle Apps path:   
JDeveloprer Path: C:\JDEV\jdevhome\jdev\dbc_files\secure
Set the Environment variables of O/S
My Computer à Advanced à Environment Variables à New à 
Variable Name : JDEV_USER_HOME
Variable Value : C:\JDEV\jdevhome\jdev

Testing Functionality of Jdeveloper
Go to connection  à Right Click à New database connection à Next à 
Connection Name : test ( as desired )
Connection Type : Oracle ( JDBC )
Next :
User Name : apps
Password : apps
Driver  : thin
Host Name : localhost ( if database is on the local system, else URL of DB server )
JDBC Port: 1521
SID       : VIS

For details see the vis.dbc located in the folder :

Test Connection
Result: success

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