Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Unable to View or Add any Items in Sales Orders

Problem: In the Sales Order Lines, Items are not getting displayed at 'Ordered Item' field.
Cause: Changed any data in Inventory Master Items.
Prerequisites for solving this problem
  • Make sure that Order Management module has been setup properly.
  • Make sure Master Organization or Current Organization is attached to Item Validation Organization at System Parameters
  • Make sure QP: Item Master Validation is set to Master Organization
  • Make sure item is also available in the price list which you are using in order
If still unable to view the item in the sales order and throwing the same error message as below.
Follow the below procedure to resolve.
This can be of two scenarios,
  1. Consider the value of the profile option OM: Use Materialized View for Items LoV (Honors Item Orderability Rules) is set to No, and then the Ordered Items LOV lists all the items of the item validation organization of the current operating unit. This doesn’t consider the defined item orderability rules, however if there is a defined rule that prevents the item from being ordered, then an error message is displayed during the saving of the order. You will not be able to save the order.
  2. Consider the value of the profile option OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV (Honors Item Orderability Rules) is set to Yes, then the Ordered Item LOV displays only those items which are based on the rules defined. The Ordered Item LOV is then dynamically populated based on Item Orderability Rules and the current attribute values on the line.
By Default the OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV is Yes
  • If you have changed any data in Inventory, it is advisable to run Refresh order Management Material Views concurrent program so that the data in Inventory and Order Management stay synchronized.
  • View->Request->Submit A New Request-> Refresh order Management Material Views as below.
  • When the report is successfully completed
Try to create a Sales Order and it will display the items as below.


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