Sunday, 11 January 2015

Displaying subtotal and grand total based on the group column in BI Publisher Template

For Example

Display the sub total values based on Account code and show grand total end of the report.

The report has only one group (G_ACCT) and  group columns like 
     Account Code, Ro Number, ROLine# ,Ro Type, Ro Date, Supplier#, Supplier Name, 
     Supplier Site, W/H, Buyer, Items, Qty, Price, Trxn Amount

Show the subtotal and grand total amount for Trxn amount column based on account code combination.

  • Divide the for –each loop with Account code column
  • Do the current group logic.
  • Display the sub total column before closing current group loop.
  • Display the grand total value at end of the report.

 Adding above steps logic in xml tags:

  1.      <?for-each-group:G_ACCT;./ACCOUNT_CODE?> (first F Xml tag)
  2.      <?for-each:current-group()?>(second F xml tag)
  3.       After displaying G_AMT Closing current-group for-each.
  4.       Displaying the  T_AMT (grand total amount)



  1. what is content in ACC xml tag? I tried like that but it for each one group only.

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  9. Can you please share RTF template. I have same kind of requirement. I have also one G_1 tag which is giving DEPT, EMP, Salary.
    Like to get subtotal based on based on DEPT based salary. I tried same tag but not worked properly.