Friday, 31 October 2014

Min-Max Planning Method in Oracle Apps - Planning Level: Organization, Source Type: Inventory, Item: Buy

Planning Level: Organization, Source Type: Inventory, Item: Buy

Responsibility: Inventory          Navigation: Items > Master Items.
Create a item in Item Master and assign it to Source and Destination Organizations.
Change organization to destination organization and enter the List price to item in "Purchasing" TAB,

In "General Planning" TAB, set the Planning method as "Min-Max" and enter the Min-Max quantities and select the source type as "Inventory" (D1 Singapore Distribution Center) from where the items will be procured.
Now run the Min-max report by selecting the Planning level as “Organization” for your Item by changing Restock as YES.
Now find the reorder quantity as per the Min-max report.
Then run the "Requisition Import" in Purchasing module. An Approved “Internal Requisition” will be generated. Then, Complete the IR-ISO Cycle to do the replenishment.


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