Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How to Resolve the Shipping Exception Issue - Schedule Date has been Postponed - Exception Name "WSH_CHANGE_SCHED_DATE"


Sometimes, we may change the Schedule Ship Dates in the Sales Orders. When we try to do the Ship Confirm for those changed orders, system will not allow us to do the ship confirm due to the Shipping Exceptions. We need to resolve that Shipping Exception issue first then only system will allow us to do the ship confirm.

In the below case, one sales order# 22256 got stuck with this issue and will see how to resolve this issue.


In the Order 22256, the schedule ship date of the line 3.1 (Item 102056) was postponed from 02-FEB-2014 to 17-MAR-2014 manually. So it triggers the Exceptions WSH_CHANGE_SCHED_DATE as Error.

To resolve, we need the change the Exception setup as below.

Responsibility:  Order Management Super User

Navigation: Setup > Shipping > Define Exceptions

Open "Define Exceptions" Form

Query the Exception Name with "WSH_CHANGE_SCHED_DATE".

The Exception Behavior is set up as "Error".

Change the Exception Behavior as “Information only”.

And Save.

Go to "Shipping Transactions" Form

Open the Exceptions Form, Query with 5023419 in Exception ID field.

Go to Tools > Resolve/Purge Exceptions

Enter the Exception ID in the Request ID field (shown below) and Submit.

It will purge the existing exception.

Shipping Transactions:

Go to Shipping Transactions Form and Do the Ship Confirm.

We have to revert the Exception Behavior of  WSH_CHANGE_SCHED_DATE in Define Exception Form  to Error again.



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